Writing Space

Where Do You Write?

Planner*Calendar*Notepads*Journal*Diary*Scraps of Paper*At Work*iPad*Microsoft Word

*White Board*In a letter*In a song*Poetry*In the Bible

*Highlighting a book*Work*Car*Office

*Family Room*Bathroom*Bedroom*Woods*Barn*Field*School*Library*Park*Beach*5th Wheel

There have been several planners I have purchased, but the Happy Planner is a great fit for all the ideas that continually pop into my head for writing. I love the different covers and picked Wild & Beautiful for the theme. All the pages have a spray or touch of flowers.

The page for each month! Oh my Gosh! I’m in love! There are encouraging sayings and the whole page is full of flowers. For the month of January the floral background is a pleasing moss green with orange, yellow, purple and red flowers. Written in gold is LET YOURSELF GROW

Planning out the rest of the month of January, 2023 at Wilson County Chevrolet Buick GMC Dealership in Lebanon, TN was relaxing. The opportunities to find a quiet, clean place to rest, write and read was very inviting and beautiful, little places to sit and write tucked everywhere. There was no sounds or smells coming in to assault your senses. Desks in their own rooms with a bench for your bag, books, writing material with low or high light choices. If they let me just come in once a week to write, I would say, “Yes Please!”

The park and beach are places to get inspiration from nature. The library I can not concentrate 🙂 All the books are calling my name! Our 5th wheel was a great place while we traveled. I love our woods, field and barn here in Watertown, TN. New O’Hana Farm, TN is beyond an amazing landscape and artistic creation from the Lord. The seasons and colors in the sky, the animals, trees, and flowers are pleasing to the eye. The sounds of all the different birds and cows mooing in the distance.

My pink desk with my whiteboard and computer, in our family room, with our three pups racing back and forth, text messages and phone calls from family, might just be my favorite place to write. This is writing inspiration! :)Jen

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