My National Word Nerd Day Word:


I choose the words COMPOSE-CREATE-COMMIT TO PAPER-PUT ON PAPER-DRAFT-THINK UP-COMPILE-RECORD-LOG-LIST-CORRESPOND to describe the word writing. Writing is a wonderful and frustrating way to express what is piling up in my head every second.

THINK UP, RECORD AND CORRESPOND are probably my favorite ways of writing. I try to be creative while describing a scene in a poem and story. Several journals lay around my office area with a brief description of a character and their timeline events. It is so easy to list the date and what happened to them on that day.

Sending out letters in the mail and even emailing family and friends is a great way to CORRESPOND!

Happy NATIONAL WORD NERD DAY JANUARY 9, 2023! What words do you love and how would you describe them? Do you enjoy making up words?

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