Hold The Best Stories

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In Your Family Tree

Here is a Great Writing Prompt! There are rich stories found in family trees!

You don’t know what your ancestors past was all about until you dig around and ask questions. Talk to your parents, grandparents and you might be surprised how much they remember and how much they want to share.

Ancestry.com http://ancestry.com I highly recommend and love searching for my family on ancestry.com daily. Old photos, letters and postcards. Military records, State Hospitals, Census, Marriage, Death Certificates and Cemetery Records have been extremely helpful. They recently added the 1950 Census! Using this census I was able to verify my mom living in the house with her adoptive parents. To my mom and mine’s surprise, there was a lady lodger, a name we did not recognize and still do not! This may be another clue in my book Donna Jean.

The tree photo is here on our farm, out in the woods. Darkness was quickly arriving. The next two photos are gifts from my mom. The front brings me close to the childhood stories my dad would tell at the supper table. Life on a farm and family all around. His laughter can still be heard close by. The back with all the papers cut and glued make me think of scattered words finding a way back together to form a memory.

In the movies someone finds a diary, letters and old photos

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