Give A Simple Homemade May Basket

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Grace Their Door With A Special Gift

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May is the perfect time of year to hang a simple basket of fresh cut flowers on someone’s front door! May you grace or be graced with a Homemade May Basket for May Day or the month of May!

Homemade May Baskets And Cones

Give A May Basket And Ask That Special Person For A Date

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Delivering a May Basket to neighbors, friends and family is fun, or maybe this could be that special way to help you ask out that special person you are interested in dating.

May Has Some Special Sweetheart Stories!

There are some pretty special sweetheart stories where the young man or lady or even the young at heart delivered a precious lovely gift of flowers. They were in love and bravely stepped up to the door of the person they hoped to ask out. Their hearts had to be pounding with excitement. They had to be wondering if they would be seen or even caught right in the act quietly placing the handle of the paper May Basket or paper cone on the doorknob. Maybe they loudly knocked and said “May Basket” then quickly walked or ran away!

Let Your Creative Side Help Make A Day In May Perfect

Using your creative side, make a basket, box or cone from paper. Save tin cans or us mason jars. Whatever you choose to place flowers in, enjoy decorating them at home with colored ribbons and a happy May Day note!

Have Fun! (If you can find Lily of the Valley Bulbs-Grab enough for you too!)

Have fun making your “basket” yourself and gathering flowers from your garden. Place Lily of the Valley bulbs, the fragrant dainty bell-shaped flower for the month of May in someone’s basket if they enjoy planting!

Don’t Get Caught Now!

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Fun Or Needed Gifts To Include For Shut-Ins And The Elderly

If you are delivering to shut-ins or the elderly, (remember those who have had surgery or hurt from an accident as well)slip a couple of fun and needed gift items in their basket. You might place a book inside that has gorgeous pictures of flowers and their meanings.

  • A Sweet Treat
  • A Hard Candy They Like
  • A New Comb And Brush
  • A House and Garden Magazine
  • A Coffee Mug With A Bible Verse Or Cute Quote

Floral Gifts To Add

Here are Floral Gifts to consider and add to your May Baskets! These are FUN gift ideas to come up with! Enjoy looking on Amazon, Dollar Stores, and in the Garden Section of your local store.

  • Flower Scented Hand Lotion
  • Flower Scented Hand Soap
  • Floral Tea
  • Small Floral Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Floral Notepad and Pen

Ask Parents And Grandparents About Their Fun May Basket Days

Talk, take time with family, parents and grandparents, to find out what they did on the first day of May! My mom remembers making little paper baskets filled with paper flowers to take home and dancing around the May Pole with the colorful ribbons in first grade.

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A Special Memory

This year I bought my mom Bleeding Heart bulbs for us to plant together! Bleeding Heart Flowers are a special memory my mom had at her Mamaw’s house as a child. We had our first May 1 white Peony bloom that we cut and brought in to enjoy for the next several days. Not just on May 1, but through the whole month of May, make each May day special for someone.

Have a beautiful week!

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