You Look Fine-Concussion Awareness

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What happens to someone when they get a concussion? You Look Fine-Concussion Awareness is to help educate everyone that even if a person looks fine after severe trauma to their brain they still need to be completely checked out by a neurologist.

The photos above are meant to just show my struggles with my emotions with a major concussion and are not meant to offend anyone struggling to heal. My worst fear with a major concussion is that I still lose time. Several months, almost a year goes by and in my mind it was a few days ago or a month. Or repeating myself. Forgetting someone. The date. A word. A thought.

It took several visits to different doctors before my husband and I found the best neurologist to help me through my journey. My journey was going from great health to Post Concussion symptoms of vertigo, insomnia, fatigue, hallucinations, cognitive changes, stuttering, extreme anger, deep depression, problems breathing, chewing, memory loss. The list goes on.

On my page About Me if you haven’t looked at it yet, please read a little about text driving and how it affected my whole life.

Where Did I Go

Where did I go? At times I thought I was dead. Was I really here, I honestly didn’t know. My mind was lost or gone on vacation. For hours I could sit and stare and think it had just been minutes. Thankfully I had family that was patient with me and made sure I rested and kept up on the many exercises I was given to strengthen my mind and body.

You look fine-concussion awareness is to help alert anyone suffering from trauma to your brain or someone you know. Seek help from your doctor to find a neurologist who wants to see you heal and return back to yourself as much as possible.

Take care of someone you love that might look fine, but inside is really struggling to cope. They might not know what to do or what the first step should be in recovering.

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