Writing To Sell

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Our writings might just be special to one person or touch many if we write from our heart!

Did Louisa May Alcott write Little Women to please her publisher? On reading just a few lines from Louisa’s journal, Louisa believes Little Women to be boring. She has lived the life she writes, but finds the younger generation loves her book.

Maybe they could relate to the family hardships and small writing triumphs? Sisterly love and heartache of losing a sister, fearing the worst for a father at war might have been nothing they were experiencing or everything they were seeing around them.

Louisa wrote that her books were read and valued and that meant more to her than money and reputation. We see from the movie how hard she worked at writing, taking her written work around trying to be approved. Louisa wrote what she knew, her family and the changes as they grew.

For the title Writing To Sell, and the heading TO PLEASE ANOTHER, Louisa wrote Little Women because her publisher wanted a girls book from her. Little Women became more than a book to sell and a book to please another because Louisa wrote from her heart.

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