Writing Space-Where Do You Write?

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Writing space. Where do you write? Have you made a little closet office or took over a spare room in the house to have privacy to expand on your thoughts?

My two desks, shelves and whiteboard are situated in our large country life family room. There are windows all around to look out each day on fields and small mountains and hills. The views are absolutely breathtaking to inspire and jot down the ever changing nature scenes played out right before my eyes!

At the very beginning of this year, there came a chance to go with my precious mom to have her car serviced. Above you can see I took time to plan out the rest of the month of January, 2023 in my Happy Planner.

We were at Wilson County Chevrolet Buick GMC Dealership in Lebanon, TN. It was pleasing to see many opportunities to find a quiet, clean place to rest, write and read.

Several areas were very inviting and beautiful, with little places to sit and write tucked everywhere. There was no sounds or smells coming in to assault your senses. Desks were provided in their own rooms with a bench for your bag, books, writing material with low or high light choices. If they let me just come in once a week to write, I would say, “Yes Please!”

Where do you plan out your day, week, month and year? Where is your writing space? Where do you write? Do you write in a planner or a calendar? Do you use notepads, your personal journal or diary? Do you prefer to use colored pencils?

If any of these items look appealing, the links are provided for each one!

A Beautiful Blue Leather Bound Journal With A Girl With A Butterfly Skirt And Butterflies Flying From Her Hand https://amzn.to/3OngW33 This Lovely Journal Sits On My Nightstand.

Some Of My Notebooks Give Me Opportunity To Refill The Pages. The Pages Shown Are Size A6 6.7 x 4.1 Inch Two Pack 160 Pages. Here is this link https://amzn.to/3NQP19W

The Field Notebooks Are Just That! Perfect To Carry Around On Your Hikes To The Woods! https://amzn.to/44O69nK

My Husband Absolutely Loves His Green Leather Village Tree Of Life Journal. He Is Able To Record Content For Upcoming Trip And Party Ideas For Our Big Family. This Gorgeous Journal Has Crisp Yellowed Pages. Looks Like It Can Take You Back In Time And Makes A Great Gift! Comes In TEN Different Colors! He Chose The 8 x 6 Inch Journal In Mint Green https://amzn.to/3pTtMwi

My Apple iPad holds great notes for quick ideas and planning, but I feel the need to hand write as well. My Apple iPad goes with me if we take a trip or a day excursion and after lights are out for writing research.

If You Want To Choose The Same Case For Your Apple iPad, Then Here Is The Link For It In Dreamy Marble! https://amzn.to/43FzHDi

For many years I jotted down what looked like a million ideas on index cards and scraps of paper. I tried a few different planners and stayed pretty focused using a standard hang on the wall calendar.

Then one day I noticed a Happy Planner on Amazon. For a few years after all my injuries I became good at shopping from home. When my Happy Planner arrived with the sticker books I had ordered my HAPPY level was contagious.

There have been several planners I have purchased, but my Happy Planner is a great fit for all the ideas that continually pop into my head for writing. I love the different covers and picked Wild & Beautiful for the theme.

The page for each month! Oh my Gosh! I’m in love! On the cover page showcasing the month are encouraging sayings and beautiful artwork of flowers. For the next month, August, which is quickly approaching, the saying reads- be bravely you! That is exactly what we need to do. Be ourselves, bravely so, working hard, blooming and growing like the flowers on these colorful pages!!

Take Time To Look At All The Happy Planners Available On Amazon!!! https://amzn.to/3OjT3sV This Planner Is 8 1/2 x 11 Inches Wonderful For Teachers! Highlight your bible, planner, calendar and notes in different colors for future studying!

Where is your ultimate dream writing space? Where would you love to be writing from?

Parks and beaches are places to get inspiration from nature. Our 5th wheel was a great and quiet place to write while we traveled. We are dream building for a new travel vehicle Class A! How fun to plan adventures, travel and then write about them!! Here is a photo of our old but loved 5th Wheel and a new Holiday Rambler 2024 Invicta we want! DREAM BIG

Our woods, field, barn, trees and blooms here on New O’Hana Farm, TN is beyond an amazing landscape and artistic creation from the Lord. The seasons and colors in the sky, the animals, trees, and flowers are pleasing to the eye. The sounds of all the different birds and cows mooing in the distance provide the words for letters to friends, for a song or lines in a poem.

If you are at work, dress up your office with white boards, a chalk board and shelves! Use Microsoft Word to get your story ideas organized.

Use your microphone on your Apple iPhone to record dreams and plots for a twisted and mysterious new story!!

If you are looking for a new phone, then consider purchasing the phone I use and love. I refer to my Apple iPhone 11 as my Baby 🙂

Here is the link https://amzn.to/3Q4Rtg2

Wherever you might be, bathroom, school, home or work, traveling always have a way to write. Keep your planner and pen, Apple iPad and Apple iPhone near wherever you are! Where is your Writing Space? Where Do You Write? Leave a comment!

Happy Writing :)Jen

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