Writing Process

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Containing My Thoughts

My mind is full of jumbles of words, dreams and nightmares. A crazy swirl of never ending ideas for a line in a story. My white board is always being filled daily with short paragraphs or brief descriptions. After I complete the process of clearing out my head, I take a photo, thus saving myself from overload and the possibility of forgetting clever key words. Writer’s ways of dissecting their thoughts and placing them somewhere in their mind, paper or the computer are interesting.

My dad always wrote out all of his sermons on large lined yellow note pad paper. When he was done clearing his mind, he would wad up his work and begin on a fresh piece of paper, writing out entire chapters from the bible from memory and Sunday’s Sermon that the Lord lead him to work on to share with his congregation. My dad was a very smart and brilliant minded man and he wrote up till his death at 83 years of age. I’m so proud of him.

This particular photo that I saved was for my poem book, The Death Owl, a family tree on my ancestry plus other notes for my book I’m currently working on, Donna Jean and for several chapters in on my fiction book being put together, Light Through The Willows.

I have had allergies that developed into bronchitis and am still attempting to be smart and clever but medicine is sabotaging this week’s writing process 🙂 Stay healthy and Merry almost Christmas! :)Jen

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