Write~Proof Read~Highlight~Scratch Out~Repeat

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The Joy Of Writing

Writing flows one day and then I go back with a black pen, a red pen and a yellow highlighter to exclaim “Wow! This is Great!” or “This is sad and I’m crying over my writings. I hope no one sees me!” 🙂 to “Scratch all of that out. What was I thinking.”

This is LIGHT THROUGH THE WILLOWS a story that came to me when I was badly injured when I was hit in my vehicle by a text driver. Recovery for me has been four years and counting. While I may not ever be completely healed, I have reassurance that there are sweet souls who love me, comfort and hold me close.

I am twenty-three chapters in but still have a great distance to travel in my mind to finish this beautiful book of love, healing and commitment. Creating this wonderful story of those that want to help others will be finished recalling all the help from those who helped in my healing.

Jennifer New Writes And Reads in beautiful Watertown, Tennessee on New O’Hana Farm, TN Have a Great Thursday!

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