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Unearthed by nature or another source, strange items can appear! However these glasses were unearthed is a mystery and this mystery could develop into quite the story! Maybe you or someone out there will take this thought and make a clever book for all of us to read and figure out!! This is a great writing prompt for things unearthed and different ways for them to get there.

Maybe a leg from the glasses were sticking up from the ground and they finally made their way to the top?

Perhaps the glasses were dug up by an animal? Our three pups don’t dig except to get to the occasional mole. The pups and I walk our farm, New O’Hana Farm, TN, all over, daily. This is a well walked area. We love exploring and seeing what new flower is blooming or what bug is in the dirt?!

It is amazing how something can be close by and not noticed. It is intriguing to think of what might be under the dirt where we walk!

Weather blows and stirs items up. Might a strong wind have blown these glasses, unearthed from somewhere else? Did they fly through the air during a big storm, landing beside the barn?

How did these glasses get here? Who did they belong to? We don’t know. Were they unearthed by nature? Someone knows!

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