A Writing Prompt

These glasses just APPEARED! I know it looks like they have always been right there but I walk our farm, New O’Hana Farm, TN, all over all the time. This is my well walked path. I love exploring and seeing what new flower is blooming or what bug I can unearth in the dirt?! Our pups do not dig except to get to a mole. Weather blows and stirs items up. Might a strong wind have blown these glasses, unearthed from somewhere else, through the air during a big storm and they landed in the barn?

However these glasses got there is a mystery and this mystery could develop into quite the story! Maybe you or someone out there will take this thought and make a clever story for all of us to read and figure out!! This is a great writing prompt for things unearthed and their mystery!

Happy Writing from Jennifer New Writes And Reads!

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