The Writing Box

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A Gift

My mom has had a clever way of reusing and repurposing items since she was a little girl. She knew this shoe box decorated in a fun nautical design, angel and nature themes and cards would help to prompt my different writing style. Mom leaves a new card on my desk to place in the box each day.

In my office are four deep shelves to store writings. With the writing box I also have two sturdy fragrance boxes with lids, a pink paper tray and paper slots, filing cabinet and a lot of paper. My windows have no curtains, letting in natural light and a beautiful view of small mountains, birds, deer, the sunrise and sunset and the woods. Mozart, Bach and Beethoven play in the background. Not all is quiet as our three dogs race around, playing and panting. Text messages, phone calls, family and friends, cleaning house and grocery shopping. Travel. Working on genealogy. Dreams. Reading TV. The list of writing prompts are never ending.

What is your inspiration? What prompts you to write? Is it a mixture of music, food and nature? Do you see that blank page begin to fill with that story you want to share?

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