The Souls Walk Free

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Sweetest Love Story Ever

Pushing up daisies: Margravine Cemetery by Stefan Czapski is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Thank you to Stefan Czapski for this photo Pushing up daisies:Margravine Cemetery.

Poem Number 5 in my book The Death Owl is The Souls Walk Free. It is difficult not to share this whole poem, but that is not fair to the little old man with the cane planting daisy seeds in the graveyard. I hope you buy this poem book on Amazon and find a special poem just for you.

At the end of this short story condensing this man’s long sad life, I will share the first part of this precious man’s love story for his childhood sweetheart who became his wife. They had grown up together and married young. He built their little home in the woods and they had three little girls.

War took him away and he was injured in his leg and forever walked with a cane. Trying to return home, he slowly walked down the lane and among the trees he found his wife and little girls sick with flu. He was too late to nurse them back to health and they lost their fight for life.

He buried them down the country trail out back in a quiet patch of his land. Planting daisy seeds over their graves he remembered a verse from her song. She said with another she belonged and he was called evil man death as she took her last breath.

He vowed to hide their deaths from evil man death under the daisies. Each time he visits his babies, he thinks he sees their sweet shadows and then he recalls his wife’s beautiful laugh. His time to join them is near and he knows the flowers he planted hid them cleverly. He will soon be dancing in that quiet patch of land with those sweet young souls he hid from evil man death.

The Souls Walk Free

(first part of the poem)

Their shadows they tease tricking his eye

Sounds ease his breath

Excitement roars in his ear

This little old man stricken early with a cane

Blinking tears mixed with cool rain

This country trail has seen torture and pain

From little boy to grown man

Skinned knees to shaky hand

Holding seeds and walking near

Her laughter he can still hear

Clouds are pushing holding the storm

Tall grass clears

Their stones appear revealing their forms

Daisies are blooming all through the night

With these flowers their souls are obscure from fright

Fingers digging finding only fresh dirt he

remembers her feet sweetly peeking from

under her skirt

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