Will I Find You

I close my eyes, I cannot see

My true love walking ahead of me

I cry out your name

Each dream the same

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This is not a long poem, but above is an excerpt from my poem book The Death Owl called Will I Find You.

This poem was a way to write out a sad part of my life, to help me heal and refresh my mind. Will I Find You is about a reoccurring nightmare that leaves me sad and exhausted each time I woke up. Sometimes I would be crying in my sleep and these sobs would wake me to tears running down my face.

Will I Find You is about my first true love. I’ve lost him and now I’m in a nightmare of seeing him but never being able to get to him.

In my nightmare my wanderings lead me into an empty dark home at night down halls, entering rooms and looking out windows. Going upstairs to the attic I see my true love out in the yard. Going down to the basement there is a storm of waves of water chasing me back up to see his figure down the hall and around corners. Never able to catch up to him, I’m just wanting him to take my hand and help me through this dream.

Once I wrote Will I Find You the nightmares subsided. Every so often I see my true love walking ahead of me.