The Death Owl Has Arrived

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In Book Form That Is!

Beyond Happy! Yes, I did start to cry when I saw the box arrive with my first poem book, The Death Owl. I had to wait a few hours to open the box. My husband was at work and I wanted him and my mom to be present when I took the books out of the box!!

My husband worked hard on The Death Owl cover design and getting her published and listening to my work over and over! My mom has told me many stories of her struggles in her abusive childhood, bless her heart. The lies and mysteries the adults in her family told help as I work with her on a memoir, Donna Jean. The stories also mysteriously weave into clever and perfect poems.

Each poem has always been in my mind and heart. The words continually will be in my vision, strewn out on torn pieces of paper, notepads and post it notes for years!! Each poem is precious to me, but I hope, different one’s will mean something touching in your life, for you! xoJennifer J. New

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