The Death Owl 12/11/22

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Look for my first poem book to be available December 11, 2022!

My poems tell stories of love, true but lost in a world trampled, beautiful but torn. There are angelic visits to the weary and sick on this earth. The Death Owl flies over them at night. She holds stories of ramblings of insane thoughts and dreams in her beak. As you turn the page, you find gentle lines of natures grace and strength. There are stories I have tried to search and figure out of the aging mystery of our ancestors. Family are gone but they feel near. As you read you discover a woman’s strength as she conquers each day of her life. The very last poem, titled He Walked is heartbreaking and though I wanted to show a happy ending, his life has not come to that place yet.

I have truly enjoyed writing each poem. Placing myself in each characters situation, I tried to relate by closing my eyes and feeling their reactions and emotions. I hope you are able to do the same and find a special poem that speaks to you.

Many blessings from above,

Jennifer J. New

P.S. I really want to create a charm bracelet with owls, angels, trees, swirls for dreams and a fox! That Fox is the title of a poem that I look forward to writing about in my non-fiction book about my mom and her abusive childhood.

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