Stories Were All About

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Walt Disney Magic Kingdom Resorts and Campground

Stories were all about at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, Fort Wilderness Campground, Port Orleans, and Disney Pop Century Resort! Every place we looked, of course there were reminders of Disney movies and all the characters to fall in love with!

The castle made me think of little mice and birds making a beautiful gown for Cinderella while she scrubbed and cleaned. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride was thrilling and we were all laughing and definitely singing their addicting Hi-Ho song. Bunches of balloons and the MY ADVENTURE BOOK for the movie UP brought about a small tear. What? I can’t help crying when I watch that movie. 🙂

Fort Wilderness Campground ~ Pop Century ~ Magic Kingdom

Look at the other books I found! Stories were all about in Fort Wilderness Campground at The Meadows Store. Walt Disney Movie Archives ~ Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse History ~ The Marvel Age of Comics 1961-1972 & The Star Wars Archives!

At Pop Century we got to meet Mowgli & Baloo! And, at Fort Wilderness Campground the buses were Wrapped! Mickey Mouse ~ The Lion King ~ The Princess & The Frog ~ Toy Story ~ Cars ~ Moana… We rode for the first time in the Gondolas and most of them were Wrapped Too!!!

Before my last photo when I said Good-Bye to our vacation in the Most Magical Writing Place I gave big thank you’s to All The Amazing & Creative Talent in writing, the older authors, authors and artistic souls but especially to Walt Disney himself that made our big family vacation a Magical Trip! AH-Mazing!

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