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Surviving & Growing Strong

We have smart and creative grandkids that love to read and write. One of our grandsons always has a book in his hand. He reads in the car, bed, school, outside on our farm, and even with the family all around laughing and talking.

He presented me with a Reading Challenge! Can I read all the Percy Jackson books and keep up with him? At the moment we are both reading the first book in the series~THE LIGHTNING THIEF I have to say I am usually only a few pages away from wherever he is! AND completely having the best time with the adventures of Percy Jackson!! Will he fit in at this strange but exciting summer camp? Who is his father? Will he be sent on a quest and what all will it entail?

The book shown above~THE BOOK WOMAN’S DAUGHTER has me drawn in and wanting to be back in Berea Kentucky where my mom’s family is from. There is love and hate, family and loneliness, death and struggles. I’m crying and holding my breath at times wondering what will happen to Honey Lovett as she grows into a strong woman enduring her life as a Blue and a young Pack Horse Librarian!

Working really hard on my very first book for my mom Donna Jean while taking time with family, cleaning, cooking and setting time aside for genealogy, writing and reading.

Check out my other site or click on the link above to find out when our 2nd litter of English Bulldog Puppies will be born!!! And how to make Hamburger Stew/Soup and why I can’t just call it Hamburger Stew! Look at the post I finished adding some photos for a pretty tasty Supper Idea and a short description on why you want an English Bulldog! I posted photos and the title Digging Under The Moss about my recent trip to New Orleans and my desire to search for family.

Happy Reading and Writing from Jennifer New Writes And Reads in beautiful Watertown, Tennessee! :)Jen

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