Picture Prompts-Helpful Cards For Exploring Your Creative Writing World

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Here are picture prompts-helpful cards for exploring your creative writing world! Each card can inspire you to write in several different areas of writing.

Creative Writing World

With picture prompts, helpful cards for exploring your creative writing world, you can take a tiny piece of nature like a leaf seen on the cards. From this leaf your pen can travel along on paper in your very own creative writing world. With just a small leaf your imagination in your creative writing world can’t be stopped.

You may place a leaf on a trail and pick it up. The leaf may secretly tell its own story of flying high in a tree fresh and young. As the leaf ages and floats down to the ground it whispers that it has higher hopes than just being left on a trail to fade away.

In my poem book The Death Owl, the poem Aging is about a leaf that represents a person. The leaf is aging and finds that all of his friends are falling from the tree. The leaf knows he is having a difficult time hanging on to his younger life. When he falls to the ground he asks to be helped up and not left out from life all around him. He knows the breeze or death will take him up and away, but he still wants to be adventurous and included in new travels as long as he can.

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Maybe The Death Owl will help you in your Creative Writing World.

Picture Prompts

Create an incredible story of travel! You might write of places you have traveled and the animals seen. The sounds they make and where they live. Have you ever been on a safari? With the picture prompts-helpful cards for exploring your creative writing world, you see the wonderful adventure to be had in the safari card!

You walk among the tall trees and the feeling is of being all alone but you are not. Close your eyes and use the picture prompts to feel the deep dark places in the woods. Strange sounds are all around as you look up through the limbs and leaves to find the sky. You envision your guardian angel with you.

Picture prompts show beauty in array of colors. They encourage you to explore all the colored emotions from the color wheel. I keep a copy of my color wheel taped on my desk and one in my Happy Planner.

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The verse “Hope is the beautiful place between the way things are and the way things are yet to be” may bring an idea to mind and give you clever ways to write, giving a difficult situation a hopeful direction.

These picture prompts-helpful cards for exploring your creative writing world shows glitter on the tiny flower angel. Perhaps it will make you remember a dream that is fading and you write out the timeline before it fades.

The Twigs from the picture prompts is a cute game idea to play next time you are out walking in nature. You are waiting for your pup to sniff the mushrooms and flowers around the base of a tree and you see twigs lying about. From the shapes they make, maybe one letter stands out.

Happy Writing!

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