Peace And Love

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Today is July 7, Peace and Love day. Hi Everybody Let’s show Peace and Love in all that we do! We don’t know who needs encouragement with a smile and a kind word.

How do you show Peace and Love? Try learning ASL American Sign Language and Sign Peace And Love

  • Appearance- Peace And Love T-Shirts
  • Smile A Heartfelt And Genuine Smile
  • Hold The Door For Someone, Smiling Of Course 🙂
  • Flowers From Your Yard.
  • Wave Hello And Goodbye Smiling
  • Text
  • Call
  • Read To Someone
  • Card
  • Letter
  • Food
  • Drive

If there is a day to wear your Peace and Love shirt, today is it! Maybe you have a Smiley Face, Happy Sunshine or Peace Sign shirt!

A happy genuine smile can go a long way. When you meet family, friends or a person just passing by, smile. This is not easy because people don’t always return that smile, but give it a try!

Holding the door before you walk into the store or even as you walk out is a kind and peace filled gesture. A thank you may not follow, but you might be surprised. Holding the door can mean so much to a person. You might just get thanked and smiled at a lot!!

Getting a single flower bloom growing wild in my yard from my husband, child or grandchild means the world to me. I save that flower bloom until it dries and shrivels. This is such a gentle gesture that makes me smile and my heart fill with love every time I see that flower bloom in all its stages.

Waving fills me with happiness!!! I LOVE waving hello and goodbye. You know a wave can be seen from far away and make a person’s day.

Texting and calling people is a great way to make them feel special. The text can just be a Peace Sign Emoji. The phone call can be simple, but telling them you were just thinking of them.

Reading out loud to a child, your mate or the sick is a peaceful way to show your love!

Giving the gift of a card, letter, food or driving a person somewhere is definitely a kind way to give peace and love. The homebound hold onto that special card and usually keep it close by to read it again and again.

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Take time to spread Peace and Love to everyone around you and to everyone you meet not only on July 7 but all the time. Have a blessed, peaceful and loving day! Bye Everybody

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