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I have the feeling of being stalked and Overwhelmed is his name. He creeps up behind me and seeps into my bones. Overwhelmed crawls up my spin and settles in my shoulder blades. As I work at my desk Overwhelmed whispers in my ear, “Look at all these papers, books and stacks! You’re tired and in over your head.” Standing up from my pink desk I turn around and say back, “I’m tired and in over my head. But, Overwhelmed, I’m not giving up. I am a strong woman fearfully made and in prayer and determination will fight you back!”

In the first photo my small pink desk gives me extra room to stretch out family trees and post it notes with ideas for characters in my books. Below is office supplies. The black case under the shelves is full of writing as well as the blue tote in the second photo! The shelves try their best to help keep stacks off my desk. They are arranged with books I am currently working on, plus socials, writing prompts and genealogy for myself and clients.

To be honest at times I work better with stacks of notes and folders around as I create and type. All those creative thoughts hugging me tight being worked into expressive writing, posts, pages and books!

This last week with the weather changing cooler through the night and into early morning, I have felt tired even after eight hours of sleep. My mornings are starting at 5:30 with taking care of the pups, drinking my coffee, reading a bible passage then he has been arriving. OVERWHELMED. He points out this site and my farm site, New O’Hana Farm, TN and my two books (DONNA JEAN) and (Light Through the Willows) The Death Owl should have artwork for each poem. You need to stay focused by writing better plugins, content calendar, editing Overwhelmed rambles on and on.

How To Stand Up To Overwhelmed

  • Prayer
  • Schedule
  • Expressive Writing
  • Reading
  • Exercise
  • Socializing
  • Rest
  • Family and Pets
  • Food
  • Memories

#1 on my list is to go to the Lord in prayer! Not only do I share my troubles, but thoughts for the days ahead of me. After having a quiet time of prayer and tears at times, I thank the Lord for making me, loving and blessing our big family. I tell Him I’m placing my troubles in His hands and not taking them back.

Not tackling and accomplishing everything from home, family and work has been one of my hardest struggles these past few years. A lot has changed for me, About Me Going from feisty girl who can do everything to having to let someone do all my chores, cook, drive etc. I learned to give everything to Him in prayer. No, I still have my times of feeling defeated but it helps to have a go-to list handy on how to stand up to overwhelmed!

How do you stand up to being overwhelmed? You look like you have it all put together! What keeps you organized?

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