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Cute Writing Prompt

Miss Pinky Kale Butter Pants

Look at this precious gift from my mom! I bought a book of wild animals from the woods to the sea hoping she would enjoy making a few. My mom asked which wild animal I wanted her to make first? I chose the rabbit because we had just watched a program on Beatrix Potter by Patricia Routledge. We talked about The PETER RABBIT Classic Collection I enjoyed as a child and the set my husband bought me a couple of months ago. I love how Miss Potter wrote the stories with detail and how they take us right along with Peter Rabbit and the Flopsy Bunnies. The mess a rabbit can make in the garden, we feel the frustration from Mr. McGregor.

“Kertyschoo!” this word always made me wonder if that is how I sound when I sneeze! I remember being in such distress as a child wondering if Peter would get his jacket with the large buttons back? She described each situation such that I would spend time looking at the drawings for each item and place.

Mr. Jeremy Fisher, Benjamin Bunny, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail. In honor of the names Beatrix Potter chose for the characters in her books, I took time naming my new adorable writing bunny! Presenting Miss Pinky Kale Butter Pants! You might just show up in a book one day!

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