Never Give Up

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Cancer. My dad’s grandma and sister had Breast Cancer. Mom and dad took care of my grandma . Grandma didn’t believe in doctors or taking medicine. She was a Christian Scientist and believed we were not really here and she wasn’t really sick. One word my dad always feared his whole life was Cancer.

I remember a couple of years ago, mom and dad came home. They were pulling into our drive and dad was smiling and waving to me. Bless his sweet heart. He had just got back from the doctor and received the news that he had liver cancer. He was not a candidate for surgery. Even though he had just been told there was nothing the doctor could do for him, dad was trying to make me smile at the gate.

We, his whole family, were his support group but dad was the biggest support in the group by continuing to get up every day, writing out his sermons (he was a Baptist Pastor for 50 Years) and staying calm in prayer, laughing and saying he loved us all the way till he passed to heaven. He found strength in our love and knowing the Lord had my dad’s life all planned out.

The pink in my hair has been for my grandma, aunt, my mom, who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, my lumpectomy that revealed no cancer and any woman that sees pink in my hair and gathers strength knowing we love and pray for you continually. By the way, our whole church prayed around the clock for my mom and when she met with the doctor the next visit he just could not grasp why her cancer could not be found! Hallelujah and praise the Lord!

We just had a family member who is 30 years old diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. She has a wonderful support group at work and in her family as we all pray for her. Our grandkids made artwork for her and even though they are young, all under 13, they wrote to her openly that they were sorry about her cancer and they want her to heal. They did not hold back in openly sharing with her their concern and we could not be prouder. They all were there for dad and were all happy to know that they had said their young prayers to ask Jesus into their hearts and that they would be in heaven forever with him. Their sweet genuine love was so encouraging and that they might be children but they have faith even in this world and not being able to see the future.

The drawings up above were my attempt to draw! LOL Never Give Up! You are special and loved and here if you need prayer.

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