Love Encourage Cheer Smile Be Nice Live

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Hey everybody! Love Encourage Cheer Smile Be Nice Live are words that kept playing in my mind this morning. Yes! All those words. LOL I just had to share them with you.

We come up against obstacles in life, small or large. If we get enough piled up, one small disappointment can make us tumble to the ground. We may find ourselves wanting to quit the projects we were working hard on. If that project is meant to be finished by you, then you will see it to completion!

But what if you need help? We have all heard it is good to ask for help. My personality is to work very hard and not ask for help till I am in tears. With the tears enters feelings of defeat and anger. My desire to be Christ like is challenged. I try to hide the tears, the feelings of being defeated and my angry eyes, but that takes a lot of work! Just ask for help.

You might have heard we learn through our mistakes. and I believe we do if we are open to learning. From learning then we can take this new knowledge and apply it to more obstacles in the way. We can also help others and teach them what we now know!

Knowing that not every day will run smoothly has made me want to show love and encouragement wherever and to whoever I can. If they are feeling life’s pressures may I lift them up by smiling and cheering them on, being nice and having fun.

Love encourage cheer smile be nice live! Show love to someone close by encouraging them with a smile. Cheer them up with words of how proud you are of them. Be nice by spending time with them laughing and talking. Do something you love! Include family and friends. Live life with happy moments and build great memories!

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