Lord And Prayer And Bible Verses

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In the photo is a very special figurine that my parents have had since I was a young girl. To me it has always represented this couple’s dedication to the Lord even in hardships. They come together humbly for the Lord and prayer and bible verses. Their love for the Lord sent them to praying to Him. They went to their family bible and read verses that gave them hope and they ended their time of worry with prayer knowing whatever grief they were experiencing was safely placed in His care.

For a long time my mind and body has been in a healing process. Experiencing a major concussion, Post Concussion Syndrome, plus several injuries, has been one of the most difficult times in my life. It felt like I was told to climb a mountain but my mind and body were not allowed to help.

As I mentioned in Expressive Writing-Where And How To Begin Your Own  Journey And Why!  I was being taunted with doubt of self-worth to my family, filled with fear and deep depression. My mind was filling with false personal thoughts but with continual love from my family, friends, and the Lord and prayer and bible verses, I took a small step, that first step up my personal mountain that was before me.

That First Step

That first step up my personal mountain was not to give up, but to let the Lord guide and others help me. My husband saw first hand the major struggles I was experiencing as he went to work and would come home to me still on the couch staring. Not only was I struggling with all the changes in my life, but he was struggling as well. My car accident by a text driver had not taken me from this earth, but it had taken me away. Up was down, down was up, everything swirled together and then left my head. I forgot everything, feeling as if I had lost my mind.

For a long time my husband had to go to work, grocery shop, cook, take our laundry to be done while he did his job. He made sure I took a shower and went to bed. He watched me stare and sleep for hours. Even though I was right there with him, he was all alone.

That first step was crucial as I was cradled in love, the Lord and prayer and bible verses. Each day my husband would read a bible verse to me, explain how we could apply the words to our lives and end in prayer. My husband and parents and family thanked the Lord in prayer that I had taken that first step to recovery. It has been a long journey, but I am continuing to climb that mountain all the way to the top!

From that first step I began to gather a mental list of blessings.

List Of Blessings

  • Not Taken From This Earth
  • I’m Alive
  • Time To Think
  • Time To Heal
  • A Brand New Day
  • Different Direction In Life
  • The Lord’s Love
  • My Family
  • Friends
  • Prayer
  • Bible Verses
  • A New Home
  • Book Ideas
  • Genealogy Research
  • Our Pups
  • Nature’s Inspiration

A list of blessings is never ending because each day is a brand new day! Each month can hold hundreds of lists of blessings. In my Happy Planner I have a special page before each monthly calendar that I write my list of blessings for the current month.

https://amzn.to/45378kv Please take a look at the Happy Planner I am currently working from for family parties, our holiday meals and goals I had set for my poem book The Death Owl on Amazon! https://amzn.to/45mHwyV Plus all the goals for two more books I am working hard on, Donna Jean and Light Through The Willows. I absolutely Love Love and am Happy Happy with my Happy Planner 🙂

My list of blessings always includes how thankful I am to be alive and taking several strong steps up my mountain in life. That I have the strong foundation of the Lord and prayer and bible verses and family that love, support and help me every day will never be removed from my list of blessings.

Different Direction In Life

Part of healing and taking that first step has also brought encouragement from my husband to help push me in a different direction in life. Before my injuries, every day Monday-Friday I was taking grandkids to school, walking a few miles at a park close to our home. From the park, I drove to my clients to clean their homes. I owned my own very successful cleaning business. Each day I cleaned two to three homes then went home to cook supper, tidy up our home, laundry etc. My husband and I watched a couple of shows at night, took a walk then went to bed to wake up and do it all over again. On the weekends we traveled, did things with family and I took an hour to work on genealogy research and create content for book ideas.

As mentioned above, my husband encouraged me to go a different direction in life. He offered to make a special office area where I could work on genealogy and write each day. Even when I wanted to find a job, we both knew physically I was not ready. Mentally I was not prepared to take on daily tasks working for someone else.

Genealogy Research

Many years ago I started out doing genealogy research for my own family. Going to libraries and looking up birth and death certificates, I came across ancestry.com Ancestry.com has become a wonderful aid not only for my personal genealogy research but a great way for me to help my clients complete their family trees! There are many fascinating stories and life experiences tucked away in history to find as I continue my genealogy research for my family and clients. Genealogy research has taken me in a completely new and exciting different direction in life!

Creating Content

My desire for writing has blossomed. This different direction in life has opened up my mind to never ending ways of creating content. At first, creating content for two books Donna Jean and Light Through The Willows was on the post-it notes, loose paper and many journals. Creating content is wonderful but getting it all organized is a struggle that taxes my mind.

Seeing the stacks of paper and journals pile up as I was creating content, I knew I needed a better plan. From Amazon we purchased a 4 Pack of 1.5 Inch different colored 3 Ring Binders https://amzn.to/3OowHFD Of course they hold regular 8.5 Inch x 11 Inch Lined School Paper.

Have a wonderful day. Happy writing and reading!

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