Light Through The Willows

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Light Through The Willows is a fictional book I am working on and have introduced briefly in Expressive Writing-Where And How To Begin Your Own  Journey And Why! 

This post also includes how my life was almost tragically taken away, how a book idea began to take form, and great ideas for Expressive Writing!

Deep in sleep this morning I was dreaming (or having a nightmare) someone was whispering in my ear, “You can’t do it. You can’t write. Stop!” Jumping out of bed I decided to not let anything stand in my way of writing.

With all the hundreds of ideas that chase around in my head daily I’ve developed a way to take all the scribbled notes of characters, their lives and personalities and organize them in 3-Ring Binders A Writer’s Content Notebook.

All I could think of was to get to my Light Through The Willows Content Notebook. There must be better ways to record writing content in the future, but for now this system is working! Included is a Timeline-Character Names-Personalities-Strange Happenings-Town Buildings-Mysteries etc.

While selecting photos today of my three pups Daisy, Oreo and Liley for a cute little upbeat post on my site New O’Hana Farm, TN An English Bulldog Explorer,

I saw the cover for Light Through The Willows to be used when my book is published. So here is an early book cover reveal!

My husband can please take all the credit for preparing Light Through The Willows book cover!

I am so happy when I see the book cover that an excited feeling of triumph for each character whose story needs to be told, begins to build and I break into a huge smile. I CAN DO IT! Take that nightmare voice.

Express your story or someone else’s story, working on each character great or small and do your best till you are done. Happy Writing!

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