Hummingbird Days

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We have truly enjoyed our Hummingbird Days this year! Each precious winged beauty in different colors and sizes will be definitely missed. Please check out my post on our farm site called Hummingbird Blessings. We lost my dad a couple of years ago and this year has been such a blessing seeing my mom take care of and bond with her Hummingbird Blessings! It does my heart good to see the joy these precious Hummingbirds bring her during Hummingbird Days!

I boil 16 Cups of Water. Remove the pan from the stove and place on a hot pad to cool. Add 4 Cups of Sugar and Stir Well with a Rubber Spatula or Wooden Spoon. When the water has cooled nicely to not be too hot for these sweet Hummingbirds, fill your Hummingbird Feeders. Any leftover sugar water keep refrigerated for only a week in a sealable plastic container. We have 4 Hummingbird Feeders therefore we do not have extra for long!

Our Hummingbird Days are coming to an end this year! 3 Hummingbird Feeders will be replaced due to a lot of feeding, wear and tear. See you next year! May these videos inspire you to write of a memory you encountered of past Hummingbird Days. Happy Writing!

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