Genealogy~Family Connections

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A Family Writing Prompt

Here is another clever writing prompt my mom gifted me with!

At first glance I pictured my dad’s and mom’s ancestors clearing, paying money for and claiming land in Indiana and Kentucky.Traveling from other countries to set down and establish roots, building homes, farming and raising families. Expanding and growing through the years. This card helps me recall all the men who fought in wars and the women who worked hard while they were away, standing behind them working the land and caring for their children.

These special cards that my mom handcrafts are quickly growing as are the many story ideas in my mind. I would rather share them with everyone than keep them to myself. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do and maybe you share the writing prompts you gather and make!

Have a wonderful Good Friday and weekend from Jennifer New Writes and Reads in beautiful Watertown, Tennessee on her farm, New O’Hana Farm, TN!

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