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Rubber Ducky Day~ the duck That Began AS A CHILD’S CHEW TOY

Just a little share for the ever popular Rubber Ducky in our family and everywhere! (I don’t mean to, but I rhyme all the time heehee)

The Rubber Ducky appeared on We have always had one, two, three, several! Being curious when they were first made, I googled the Rubber Ducky.

A man named Charles Goodyear, an American self-taught chemist and a manufacturing engineer who developed vulcanized rubber, pliable, moldable and waterproof. The Rubber Ducky was made as for learning purposes to identify a duck and as chew toy for children. At this time, the Rubber Ducky did not float.

The Rubber Ducky is said to be a symbol of happiness and brings back childhood memories. I know we always had a few Rubber Duckies in our home. We had pink, yellow, green etc. and a U.S. Marine Rubber Ducky for our son who is a retired U.S. Marine. We have a Rubber Ducky in our shower that reminds my husband and myself of his mom before she passed. She had her own Rubber Ducky 🙂

What happened in 1992 to 29,000 Rubber Duckies? They somehow were spilt into the Northern Pacific Ocean! OH No! But, pretty exciting vision of 29,000 Rubber Duckies floating in the ocean! Maybe you have or will find one floating by?!

To spread more smiles in the world, 2020 in Canada began Ducking, a Jeep Thing 🙂 Place a Rubber Ducky on a random Jeep. You can draw a smiley face and a couple of words to brighten someone’s day! I wonder how many Rubber Duckies Jeep owners have received?

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