Expressive Writing-Where And How To Begin Your Own  Journey And Why! 

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Hi Everybody and Welcome to Jennifer New Writes and Reads! Together lets’ learn expressive writing where and how to begin your own journey and why! Express your writing with me!

My excitement level has grown huge since seeing the two words Expressive Writing a little over a month ago! My pen and Happy Planner began filling in page after page with ideas I look forward to sharing with you. 

To get to know me a bit better. Look at me from a strong woman to helpless as a baby then back to a strong woman! This is where I tell my story! Click on my About page here ABOUT

My husband, mom and our 3 pups live on our eleven acre farm we named New O’Hana Farm, TN New is for our last name and O’Hana means family that we learned from one of our favorite Disney movies, Lilo & Stitch. This is a beautiful area in Middle Tennessee where I get to see and gather a large part of my inspiration for expressive writing!

The Lord And Prayer And Bible Verses

This wonderful life we have been blessed to enjoy as family was almost taken from me by a text driver a little over four years ago. For my own dramatic life changing experiences, this is where I share ideas for expressive writing-where and how to begin your journey and why!

  • Deep Depression
  • Fear
  • Not worth anything to family

The Lord and prayer and bible verses has been tremendously strong comforts. The Lord helped me get out of a very deep depression.

He helped me get away from fear. Everything I did easily before I was injured seemed impossible and doubt and fear taunted me daily.

The Lord and prayer and bible verses helped me see the feelings I was experiencing were false.

  • Everything Was Impossible
  • I Would Never Heal
  • That I Was A Big Burden

Since I could not do anything for myself like showering, folding up my clothes or even washing my own cup at the sink, I began to believe I was not worth much. My family would tire of me being a big burden. These feelings were false!

  • False Personal Thoughts
  • Remembering The Lord Created Me.
  • We ARE Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
  • The Lord Knows My Passions And Wants Me To Succeed

The Lord created me! He knows me AND He knows my passion for writing and sharing my story! He wants me to succeed in all that I do.

This beautiful verse is something for you to hold onto!

Psalm 139:13-14 NIV New International Version

For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

  • Slow Healing Process
  • Deep Strange Sleeping Patterns
  • Hallucinating
  • Staring For HOURS And HOURS
  • Cool Book Idea For Light Through the Willows

The healing process has been very slow. During several months of deep strange sleeping patterns and days full of staring for hours, this cool book idea began to form. I named this precious book I am working on Light Through the Willows!

Light Through the Willows

Development for Light Through the Willows began with me trying to write again. Scribbles were slowly put on index cards and when I could stand for more than a few seconds, they were taped to the cabinets in front of me.

While trying to sleep at night I had what the doctors said were hallucinations and even times of hallucinating while I was awake. Most of my characters have been developed from these hallucinations and I have fallen in love with their personalities and strength!

I’m super excited to be writing from an idea that appeared in my dreams! But more about those fascinating and strange dreams later when Light Through the Willows is finished and being announced for a release date!

Where To Begin Expressive Writing

  • Gather Your Thoughts From The Smallest Ones To Huge And Dynamic Ideas
  • Place These Thoughts In A Genealogy Timeline
  • Name Your Project
  • Work On Each Writing Project Bit By Bit

Gathering your thoughts and then defining them on paper can be difficult. Where to begin expressive writing can be daunting, but it does not have to be. Place all your thoughts in a family tree form or like a genealogy timeline. Furthermore remember, huge dynamic ideas need to be taken and worked on bit by bit.

  • Early Morning Writing
  • Morning Sunrise
  • Colors In The Sky
  • Animals
  • Natures Seasonal Changes And Colors
  • Birds Different Sounds

If you are an early riser, morning is where to begin expressive writing as night meets day. On top of that, what better place to be than enjoying the morning sunrise with pen and paper in hand!


Good Morning Sun with an array of color and your brilliant shine meeting Smoky Mountain Tennessee! #fyp #smokymountainstennessee #herecomesthesun #thebeatles #goodmorning #newohanafarmtn #jennifernewwritesandreads

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Nature is consistently using beauty to bring out one’s expressive writing skills to create a different scene on paper every second.

On our farm and the beautiful country life surrounding us, we experience a full array of options to help soothe the mind and promote finding a quiet spot for expressive writing. Middle Tennessee is a breathtaking paradise and blessing from the Lord.

Nature scenes from all the trees, flowers and wildlife in the four seasons, Spring Summer Autumn (I love the word Autumn) and Winter create beauty for the artistic soul. In addition, the trees bud and bloom providing calming shades of green to a brilliant array of colors in Autumn or Fall foliage!

  • Quiet Places To Write
  • Describe The Scents Of Flower Blooms
  • What Did You See During The Day That Changed At Night
  • Childhood Memories

Writing in the late afternoon as the sun sets is a glorious time of where to begin expressive writing! The color of the sky as the suns last glorious rays disappear is a moment to remember and write about. The sun is saying good night!

Here are photos and a video of clusters of white blooms that held lightening bugs mating inside the flowers. The color turns to a magnificent purple with yellow and red accessories inside the blooms! The smell is intoxicating!!

Growing up, my brother, myself and neighborhood kids caught lightening bugs and put them in mason jars to watch them blink behind the glass. When the night was black and it was time for bed, we released them. Nighttime was cooling the air as their wings took them and their glow past our yard and out of sight.

The Death Owl

My very first poem book, The Death Owl, was poems I was working on before my car accident. What’s the most important is I could barely function, put I did not procrastinate! I worked day and night and finished each sentimental poem. They all have a story behind the poem!

During recovery eventually came a time when I could look at what I had written on scraps of paper. Bending my neck down and trying to breathe and focus on words was extremely difficult. From that moment on the desire grew strong to finish each poem for The Death Owl and finally get them ready for a book cover and published!

One poem from The Death Owl is titled From another day. The first line mentions fireflies in a jar. This poem is bittersweet.

This older man is remembering his childhood, playing outside and enjoying nature all around him as he ages. At the end of his life he is referred to as swaying blooms that will drift away. He is a reminder from another day and that is okay! We move on from the past and look forward to a wonderful future of where we can begin expressive writing together.

The Death Owl is available for purchase on Amazon! Take a look!

Special Moment and Memory

  • Envision A Special Moment In Time
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Take A Deep Calm Breath

Where to begin expressive writing could be a simple special moment in time. Close your eyes and take a deep calming breath. Does this special moment and memory give you peace or bring back a serious moment and memory?

Maybe you are looking into someone’s eyes. What did you see?

  • A Smile
  • Sadness
  • Tiredness
  • Tears
  • Crinkle Lines

Were they smiling and little crinkle lines were forming? Maybe they were sad and tired and tears were pooling.

Do you remember playing cards and games and the laughter still lingering near?

  • Playing Games
  • Laughter
  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Eating
  • Prayer

Are you remembering a holiday or birthday where family are gathered together, laughing and talking? Were they sitting and standing all around the table holding hands during prayer?

  • Fun Or Scary Life Adventure
  • Conquering Something But Having To Make Your Way Back

Can you think of a fun or scary life adventure you have experienced? Climbing a tree is fun till you have to learn to make your way back down, but it’s still fun! Have you rode the highest roller coaster at a theme park or jumped from a plane?

Have you conquered a fear? Maybe you have always wanted to learn to swim but are afraid of the water.

  • A Moment You Always Push From Your Mind
  • Work On Something You Don’t Like To Think About A Little At A Time
  • First Moment You Remember After A Tragedy
  • What Followed?
  • Did You Take Action?
  • What Were Your Emotions?
  • Did Anyone Help You?
  • Have You Thanked Someone For Their Help?
  • Have You Shared Your Story?
  • Offer Encouragement

Is there a moment you do not like thinking of every time you close your eyes? Write down a few thoughts and work from those words. Were you alone? Did you hear a lot of noises? What is the first thing you remember that happened after a tragedy? What followed and did you take action? Did anyone help you?

As you think from beginning all the way through to the end, please write out what emotions you felt. Are you angry with someone that didn’t show any compassion? Have you thanked the one’s that have cheered you on? Can you offer encouragement to someone else by sharing your story?

  • Special Childhood Memory
  • Write About Another Persons Childhood And Life Story
  • Who Inspires You And Why?
  • Take Thoughts From Your Mind To Paper
  • Develop Timelines
  • Create Inspiring Moments

A special childhood memory may be hard to find. My dad, who I love and miss so much could tell you story after story from his childhood that he fondly recalled. My mom describes her abusive childhood that brings you to tears. Both of my parents stories have inspired me to write!

My book DONNA JEAN is a serious book about my mom and her childhood. She was adopted. The physical and mental abuse she endured from childhood to the night before her wedding from her mother and daddy makes me wonder how she made it out alive.

My mom, Donna Jean is the perfect example of a strong woman! She went through a part of her life that should have been full of fun and laughter but was instead misery and came out to be the best mom in the whole world!

DONNA JEAN is being written from my mom recalling her life growing up poor in a very rough section of Indianapolis, Indiana. From her stories, I am creating her timeline and imagining myself as her and as her mother and creating the fragile life of DONNA JEAN

Writing down accidents, events and stories help to take them from the mind to paper. This is just a few suggestions of where to begin express writing!

  • List Your Blessings!
  • Develop A Timeline
  • Create A Story

From here we can develop timelines and create a story from all of our blessings!

How To Begin Your Own Journey In Expressive Writing

  • Start Simple and Inexpensive
  • Pen and Paper
  • Notebooks
  • Journals

Check Out One Of My Favorite Grip Pens I Purchase On Amazon!

Zebra Pen Z-Grip helps me not hold my pen too tightly when I am writing big project content.

How to begin your own journey in expressive writing can be as simple as a notebook with blank pages and your favorite pencil or pen. Starting plain and inexpensive is fun.

But! How to begin your own journey in expressive writing with all new supplies for your office can be even more FUN!

  • Rolling Cart
  • Colored Pens
  • White Board And Dry Erase Markers
  • Colored Pencils
  • Post It Notepads
  • Index Cards
  • Apple Computer
  • Apple Phone
  • Apple iPad
  • Filing Cabinets
  • File Folders
  • To Do Desk Organizer
  • Candles
  • Desk Lights
  • Frames And Pictures
  • Shelves
  • A New Desk
  • Happy Planners

Click The Link To See My Favorite Color PINK Hudstill 5 Piece Desk Office Supplies Organizers!

The Happy Planner! For every word and thought I have wanted to write, I have truly enjoyed using my Wild & Beautiful Happy Planner!

  • Birthdays
  • Travel plans
  • To-Do List Around The House And In The Garden
  • Adventures
  • Dreams

Expressive Writing- Where and How to Begin Your Own Journey and Why? For all the different work or travel plans, life adventures, dreams to ideas to redo your home or gardening this summer, you can write them all down in your brand new Happy Planner. A fun life adventure!

Special Books That Go Into Detail

  • Where The Crawdads Sing (Author-Delia Owens)
  • Little House On The Prairie Boxed Set (Author-Laura Ingalls Wilder)
  • Little Women (Author-Louisa May Alcott)
  • The Book Woman’s Daughter (Author-Kim Michele Richardson

Add some special books to your office shelves that hold authors who go into detail about their surroundings and memories.

Click the Link For The Boxed Book Set Of Little House On The Prairie! I Love To Read The Long Winter Every Winter. These books helped me to become a better reader after struggling through Kindergarten and First Grade!

Journal To Heal

Journal for serious plans to heal from sorrow, injuries or an experience you keep tucked down in your mind. Begin to journal to heal from nightmares. Journal to heal from childhood memories. Journal to heal so you can you see your personal thoughts taken from your mind and placed on paper.

Why To Begin Your Own Expressive Writing Journey

  • Makes You Happy
  • Shows Your Artistic And Creative Side
  • Maybe You Want To Relieve Your Mind Of All That Multi-Tasking You Are Doing
  • Love For Writing

Are you constantly multi-tasking day and NIGHT? If you want to take these great ideas from swirling in your mind to paper then this is a wonderful reason why to begin your own expressive writing journey!

An artistic and creative side does not have to be all drawing and painting. Describing nature and life all around you and your love for writing is amazing reasons why to begin your own expressive writing journey too!!

Writing Prompts

Check out Writing Prompts My mom cuts out pictures and paragraphs and artwork from cards and books creating beautiful Writing Prompts to get anyone writing. Get your story started with these clever and unique Writing Prompt Cards!

Happy Writing! Bye Everybody!

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