About Me

Four years ago I was a very busy woman driving grandkids to school, rushing to clean
homes for twenty-one clients in my successful cleaning business.

Monday through Friday I kept a scheduled driving, cleaning, grocery shopping, food menu, cooking
calendar (the list goes on) with me at all times!

Weekends were set aside for travel or going to local parks and libraries with our daughters and grandchildren.

Every single day and night was packed full with work and fun!! And then after dropping two of our grandchildren at school I was hit by a text driver as I was pulling down into our driveway. My van went airborne and I flipped three times, each time hitting the rocks under the grass. My van barely missed two trees by inches. The van traveled a short distance upside down until hitting a rock embankment that flipped me over on all four wheels, driving the wheels into the ground.

This impact on my body was a tremendous force and my brain just did not do well. Over 15 scans where the noise and tube is scary at first then just something you accept and nap, LOL we still didn’t have a doctor that could find out why I was sick.

Finally at a walk in clinic I was diagnosed with a major concussion. Thankfully I had made it through the first few nights of sleep but I was definitely hallucinating. Through these hallucinations I have been working on a new book Light Through The Willows I am super excited about and love all my characters!

Healing has taken me these four years and I still have issues with memory, stuttering when I am tired. I had to have help walking and I could not do anything for myself like picking items up, washing anything. I sat for hours staring. Couldn’t breathe if I was jostled. The list goes on and on but Praise the Lord our grandchildren were not in the van because the back in seat was forced down and could not be lifted, smashing their carseats. The Lord is good!

From all that has happened I have had to find ways to repurpose myself. One way is by writing which I tremendously enjoy!

Finishing poems that I had started before my accident was really therapeutic and my first poem book was published!! The Death Owl

I am also working with my mom on her childhood and daily abuse she received from her parents, called DONNA JEAN.

All of this has really helped me to heal my mind. When I saw the words Expressive Writing a couple of months ago, I knew I wanted to share my story with you all and give comfort. Everything may not be like it was before an accident, tragedy and may bring depression along but we can express our feelings in words and begin to move on growing strong and enjoying life together!!