Author of The Death Owl~Blogger for Expressive Writing & Writing Accessories for Busy Moms & Mamaws

Four years ago I was a very busy woman driving grandkids to school, rushing to clean homes for twenty-one clients in my successful cleaning business. Monday through Friday I kept a scheduled driving, cleaning, grocery shopping, food menu, cooking calendar (the list goes on) with me at all times! Weekends were set aside for travel or going to local parks and libraries with our daughters and grandchildren. Every single day and night was packed full with work and fun!!

Then I struggle here after all this time and cry. These photos remind me of sounds of hitting the rocky ground and flipping three times in my van. Trying to turn into my driveway at our previous home, a girl on her phone never slowed down, hitting me at 50 miles per hour. This is the van that I had just dropped two of our grandchildren at school. Where they had sat was destroyed, the seat smashed down so hard on their carseats. Thank the Lord my van did not hit the two trees inches beside me but the giant rocks under me did damage to my brain and body.

Through prayers from my precious family and friends, a lot of sitting, physical therapy, cognitive and speech therapy I am finally healing after these few years. My injuries on the outside were few, but I had to have help walking, my teeth hurt for months, a major chronic concussion (staring for hours, losing my thoughts) and costochondritis that still persists and probably will for the rest of my life. My whole lifestyle had changed. The weight piled on. I couldn’t walk for more than two minutes and I was a person that walked 3 miles every morning before my jobs and ten miles on Saturday and Sunday.

Then anger, depression and bad feelings of being worthless and maybe I should not be here surfaced. This is when I felt shame and cried for months on end. I tried hiding these feelings from my family. This is when I knew I needed a change!

Writing The Death Owl has been challenging and rewarding in so many ways! I hold these poems close to my heart because I know the hard times I endured during my weakest moments. From there I have started Donna Jean and Light Through the Willows, but I still knew I needed something. Blogging about my challenges, road blocks, and frustrations led me to realizing I want to help you find help in healing with expressive writing and reading books about strong women that work hard. Organizing our lives can be so much fun with calendars, journals, diaries, planners and all the fun accessories that come with writing, reading, highlighting etc. All fun and rewarding helping us work through each day successfully together!!!