Do What You Know And Love

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Great Advice

When our last child started preschool, I was ready to go to work to help ends meet with four children, a mortgage etc. While not wanting to work full time, I did want to make a good income, choose the days I worked and how many hours to put in during a five day week.

My mom had good advice. “Start out doing what you know and love.” To most of you a cleaning business is not exciting but to me, detailed cleaning was an obsession and I loved making a home shine. Finding the clients, organizing a schedule with each one was fun. There was time to take our children to school, the doctor, library trips and grocery shop, make meals, clean and the list never ends.

Having fun with family and friends, weeknights and weekends with my husband left little personal time. My husband saw me writing in small snatches. Quick ideas of what was swirling around in my head was written in stacks of paper put away in a box. That box was lost in one of our moves, but the ideas have not left.

Four years ago when I was hit and almost killed by a text driver and living with post concussion syndrome my husband had good advice. “Why don’t you jot down any thoughts you have for writing your poems and stories on notecards.” Those cards were scribbly nonsense at first since my brain and body were trying to heal. The ideas for poems, books and fond family stories slowly began to form and make sense. My cleaning business is not an option anymore but this literal push gave me the chance to be at home with time to write and read.

Check out my post titled-A BRIEF POST ON HOW MY LIFE CHANGED DRAMATICALLY Even though I miss the energetic lifestyle and every step and breath has been a major challenge, I am taking advice and doing what I know and love. I love to read and write! Have a beautiful day :)Jen

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