Dear You Letter

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Write A Dear You Letter Today! Who are you going to write? Is there someone special in your life that you want to share your feelings with? Maybe you know someone that would love getting a Dear You Letter in their mailbox! How fun to begin today with a Dear You Letter to a new penpal!!

Aren’t these cards ADORABLE?!!

Who could resist smiling when they open their Dear You Letter and see these cute and clever animal faces? I smile just looking at them and here is the link from Amazon for you to order your own cards!

The Best Card Company sends You 20 Bulk Animal Note Cards. They Are Blank Inside. the size of the cards-(4 x 5.12 Inch) – They are such fun, happy and playful Assorted Notecards with the white Envelopes included. they have 10 Designs, 2 Each.

Have fun with your Dear You Letters today!

  • The Perfect Card/Stationary
  • Envelope-Your Return Address Zip Code In The Left Hand Top Corner
  • Envelope-Who You Are Writing In the Middle Address Zip Code
  • Envelope-Stamp In Top Right Corner-I use a Forever Stamp From The Post Office
  • Pleasantries-How you doing? Weather Here Is Beautiful
  • Include Interesting Facts You Both Might Be Excited About
  • Send Your Love At The End-Love, Jennifer

Maybe your Dear You Letter will hold some juicy gossip, scary news or a grievance! Mine held information about our Family Tree that my Uncle would appreciate receiving.

We email, text, post on socials and call people but wouldn’t it be exciting to open your mailbox and have a letter instead of all junk mail and bills?

Happy Writing And Happy 1st Day Of September!

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