Will I Find You

Will I Find You is a poem from The Death Owl that I wrote to escape a nightmare. When you lose someone you love, you try to find your way. Sometimes your mind might try to help. Even though it does not seem like help, I believe it is. The nightmare, the sobbing in my sleep and the writing of my nightmare on paper has been a cleansing of the soul.

Here is just a few lines:

This poem is a sweet release, refreshing the mind. A short poem, but mighty enough to take away scheduled recurring nightmares from several years. This does not happen right away. It takes a few months to walk the strong emotions from the heart and dark nights and put them into words.

What you truly want is to catch your love. To hold hands and feel the comfort of a bright and happy life. To blend these shadows, sobs and tears, all the sorrows and end them with a peaceful dream.

Adding further to exhaustion, other nightmares begin taking one to looking out the windows in an empty house and an empty life. Then true love’s shadow appears outside, but there is more wandering before you can get out of the house. Down the halls and stairs, appears a new scene of a quickly flooding and swirling basement.

If there is a way to get out the front door, there is hundreds of streets to wander and stairs to continually climb. This makes you wonder if you will always be chasing your true love or will they find you and take your hand?

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