Celebrate National Writing Day

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June 21, 2023 Today we Celebrate National Writing Day! We can express our thoughts, our dreams and goals and motivate our younger generation to write and read.

On Father’s Day, this past Sunday, our whole big family was at our home. We had prayed and ate our lunch that our three daughters had prepared. Dessert was served and gifts were opened and we were all just sitting around talking and laughing.

One of our granddaughters who just turned twelve showed me a game she likes to play on her phone. Then she scooted closer and whispered, “I also like to keep stories I am writing, on here. I can work on them wherever I am!”

As she looked at the story she was currently working on and began to go back to her game, she noticed something puzzling. “This is weird. I remember this story idea but a lot of words are spelled wrong!” To me this was a blessing to hear that I wanted to share as we Celebrate National Writing Day!

Our granddaughter realized her grammar and spelling mistakes from a year ago. She had really been having a difficult and embarrassing year reading her school work. Spelling tests were hard on her and she wanted to give up! You could see all her frustration disappearing because she had kept trying to learn and kept moving forward.

Write And Read As A Family

We have had our struggles in our family learning to spell and read, myself being one of them, but we haven’t given up! We Celebrate National Writing Day, writing and reading together as a family!

One book series we just ordered came in the mail yesterday that I am excited to read with our granddaughters!

Diary Of An Ice Princess by Christina Soontornvat https://amzn.to/3qYRhnO Scholastic Appeals to 1st-3rd Graders Reading Level Grade 3

We work on expressing our ideas through artwork and writing mystery and non-fiction stories. We provide chalkboards, whiteboards and journals of blank paper with crayons, pens, colored pencils and markers that we keep in the grandkids play room!

My favorite crayons have always been Crayola Crayons! I remember getting all the beautiful colors when I was about four years old! https://amzn.to/3CYt4B7

Stumbling on words and spelling them wrong is frustrating. Not being able to read or not being able to read good as you grow older and for an adult, holds you back in your studies. Holding you back in your studies brings struggles that go with you as you grow into an adult.

From before any of our children and grandchildren have started school, they have been read to from the bible and a lot of children’s books! They saw my dad who was a pastor working on his sermons all day on paper. Each one sees me working on poems and several story ideas. Their parents draw amazingly and read to them nightly! We highly promote and enjoy writing and reading together as a family!

For the artist in the family, we have bought a couple of Covacure Colored Pencil Set-Sharpener-Canvas Pencil Bag https://amzn.to/44fyC5L

How do you Celebrate National Writing Day? Do you write and read nightly, or even a couple of times a week as a family?

Highlighted above are a few of our favorite things that we keep in our grandkids playroom! Check them out! Maybe you already have them tucked away in a closet. Bring them out to help encourage that artist and writer to keep creating!

Celebrate National Writing Day! Write And Read As A Family!

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