Hold The Best Stories

In Your Family Tree Here is a Great Writing Prompt! There are rich stories found in family trees! You don’t know what your ancestors past was all about until you dig around and ask questions. Talk to your parents, grandparents and you might be surprised how much they remember and how much they want to…

Bring Light

Jennifer New Writes And Reads:A Writing Prompt from someone special. Angels bring light.

Valentine’s Day February 14, 2023

💋 Showing Love 💋 A Beautiful Writing Prompt Showing love on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2023 is made easier with Valentine Cards, Valentine Heart Balloons, Valentine Flowers wrapped in pink tissue, but how do you show love every day? Loving yourself makes it much easier to show love to others! Love you, love who you…

Blue Fairy

HAD I IMAGINED? Check Out My Writing prompts! Walking in the tall field grass, light blue beings fluttered up, startled by my presence. Could they not hear my footfall? Papery blue faces with dark black eyes fluttered swiftly on wings of glistening blue. Delicate slender long legs pushing off a blade of dark green grass!…

February 2, 2023: A Writing Prompt

You can take off writing from the words on the card. Create your own story from the figure on the card and the woods. Write a dark evil story, poem or a creative few paragraphs!