A Writer’s Content Notebook

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This morning was absolutely beautiful here in middle Tennessee, a perfect paradise for a writer to write! My blue writer’s content notebook has homemade blue tabs sticking out all silly like and wrinkled. But, I don’t care as I sit on my purple swing hung from an old Oak Tree looking out on the Tennessee hills.

A gentle breeze kicked up and my pages were fluttering but I managed to get information for my book Donna Jean recorded in my writer’s content notebook! Each blue homemade tab holds a timeline for Donna Jean. I added in blue tabs for her daddy, mother, mamaw and aunts. One blue tab holds extra thoughts for strange happenings and mysteries my mom has endured.

My writer’s content notebook is packed with plenty of white lined school paper. To be honest my prayers have been continual day and many times during the night for help and guidance to get thousands of words in order!

Not only is there a writer’s content notebook for Donna Jean, but a red one for another book in progress, Light Through The Willows and a purple writer’s content notebook for Cold Cases, Editorial Calendar Ideas, Bible Verses, Genealogy, our New O’Hana Farm, TN. The list continues with English Bulldogs, Writing Prompts, Expressive Writing Ideas, Socials. Oh my GOODNESS! On and on my brain goes!

I will leave you for now with a peaceful video of nature and a girl on her swing writing in her writer’s content notebook. Happy Writing!

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